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COVID-19 Visa

COVID-19 Pandemic – Subclass 408 visa


As a result of immediate travel bans or inability to apply for another visa, you may need an extension to stay in Australia. If you are considering a visa extension, this is what you need to know to apply for 408 Visa to stay in Australia.

This visa provides a pathway to certain former and current holders of temporary visas to lawfully stay in Australia, who would have otherwise been required to depart the country but are not able to do so because of COVID19 pandemic.

Eligibility Criteria for 408 VISA

  • have 28 days or less remaining on their current visa or where their last temporary visa has expired less than 28 days ago
  • in Australia and are unable to depart as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • unable to apply for the same temporary visa that you currently hold or have held or any other temporary visa other than 408 visa.
  • You must have fully complied with all visa conditions for your current or last visa.
  • You must have health insurance.

If you are applying for the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, you do not have to pay the visa application charge

Persons applying for this visa as a last resort may be granted a visa up to 6 months. Other criterion for the visa remains the same as the other streams for Subclass 408 visa such as health, character, genuine temporary criterion and ability to financially support yourself.

If your visa is expiring in the next few months, you may wish to consider visa extension options to apply for a new visa and stay in Australia.
Your eligibility for various visa options will depend on your individual circumstances, therefore it can help to seek professional advice.

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